Sharpening Our Global Focus

The cover of BUSINESS WEEK has a somewhat new look. "International Edition" is now displayed on the blue band under the BUSINESS WEEK logo. While this may seem like a small change to you, for us it represents part of the continuing evolution of BUSINESS WEEK as the premier weekly magazine of business worldwide.

The first stage of that evolution began in 1984, when BUSINESS WEEK's International Edition became a separate magazine, with special international reports and cover stories for readers outside North America.

Last year, BUSINESS WEEK increased its global coverage yet again, customizing the International Edition with more stories written and edited specifically for readers in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. We're very proud of the results. This week, fully half of the stories in the magazine you're holding were written exclusively for the International Edition of BUSINESS WEEK.

BUSINESS WEEK has more international bureaus and more international correspondents and editors than any other business magazine. And we plan to keep it that way.

It's part of our commitment to provide you--the global business executive--with a truly international business magazine, a global magazine that goes beyond news to provide the intelligence you need in a fast-changing


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