Look Who's Talking Settlement

Ronald L. Motley has been like an airborne toxin to the asbestos industry. In as many as 100 trials, the 50-year-old plaintiff attorney has made a career out of vilifying asbestos manufacturers. Once, Motley donned a doctor's white coat and toy stethoscope in the courtroom to belittle the testimony of an industry expert witness. Another time, the flamboyant South Carolinian lugged a box covered with a giant skull and crossbones into a courtroom to illustrate the shortcomings of one manufacturer's warning labels. And though he was admonished by a judge for that prank, Motley's ingenious trial tactics, devised on behalf of some 75,000 asbestos victims over the past 20 years, have made him one of the most feared and respected attorneys in the country.

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