A Radar Device For Duping Speed Demons

For years, speedy drivers have used radar detectors to spot police before the police spot them. Now, speeders have another thing to worry about. A small electronics company in Indianapolis called Electronic Rainbow Inc. is selling a $50 device called "The Zapper" that sets off radar detectors in cars even if there are no police around.

The device, which looks and works like a garage-door opener, sends out a 10.5 gigahertz radio signal, the same type transmitted by police radar guns. So if a truck driver tailgates you, you could set off his radar detector and get him to back off. Or you could slow down a detector-equipped car whizzing past. The device went on sale earlier this year. Ron Ross, president of the company, says 20% are sold to off-duty police who want to instill fear in the hearts of reckless drivers.

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