Ibm Stands Behind Aix And Taligent

There is no doubt about the future of AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system, or IBM's investment in Taligent and its object-oriented technology, contrary to what was suggested in your article "IBM rides into Microsoft country" (Information Processing, June 6).

AIX, which supports IBM's RISC System/6000, POWER Parallel, and systems using our PowerPC microprocessors, is an integral part of the workplace strategy. IBM is fully committed to Taligent, and we are actively incorporating its object technology into our existing operating systems, such as OS/2 and AIX. Taligent is progressing on time, and we are pleased with the progress.

Both technologies are part of IBM's plan to revolutionize the way we and our customers use and develop software.

L.R. Reiswig Jr.


IBM Personal Software Products Div.

Somers, N.Y.

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