Headed For The Dead Letter Dept.?

Postmaster General Marvin T. Runyon (picture) could soon get the boot. Postal Governor Robert Setrakian has vowed to raise the issue at the next postal board meeting on July 10 in Boston. In late May, Setrakian gave other members of the board a 10-page "stinging indictment" of Runyon's tenure, says one governor. Setrakian had tried to sack Runyon at the board's June meeting, but no one seconded his


Other governors say they also are unhappy with the Postal Service's performance--they're just not ready to move. And Runyon himself admits the Post Office is having problems: In a video meeting with top managers in late June, he acknowledged that delivery problems, originally blamed on harsh weather last winter, have persisted. "So far in 1994...we seem to have lost momentum," he said. Runyon declined to comment on efforts to oust him.

Meanwhile, the postal board is coming under some criticism from Capitol Hill, and pressure is growing to take some drastic steps. Runyon recently fired three top executives. Several governors say he could be next out the door if his reforms don't show substantial progress by yearend.