Little Johnny Has The Porsche? Don't Worry

Ever noticed those "How Am I Driving?" bumper stickers on commercial trucks? They give you an 800 number to call if the answer is: lousy. Well, the sticker outfit is soon bringing out a version for teenagers.

Driver's Alert of Pompano Beach, Fla., will have operators standing by to relay reports of youthful motoring malfeasances to parents, who will pay $20-$59 per year. Otherwise, says company President John DiPrato, parents may not even hear about traffic tickets "until the next year when their insurance rates go up." Elderly drivers can sign up, too.

Of course, young drivers aren't thrilled by the idea. Notes 18-year-old Maria Fleites of Coral Gables, Fla.: "There are so many bad drivers out there" who aren't teens. Driver's Alert, which has 3,000 commercial clients, tried to break into the teen market three years ago without success. This time, it hopes to do better by enlisting insurers to grant discounts of 5% or so to clients.

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