Join The Ins, See The World On A Cruise

It's not a bribe. It's the Love Boat. A Justice Dept. Inspector General's audit says U.S. cruise-ship lines let Immigration & Naturalization Service inspectors take their families and pals on trips to Caribbean or Mexican ports for free or for as little as $10 each per day.

Usually, inspectors travel on a ship's round-trip voyage to prevent stowaways from sneaking into the U.S. But Justice says that, on 15% of 1992 cruises it surveyed, inspectors brought along guests. Some distracted agents even did their inspections before the ship left a foreign port, potentially letting illegal aliens slip aboard. The INS says it will tighten procedures, but Representative Gary Condit (D-Calif.) calls for firing culprits. To date, just one INS employee has been axed.

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