Where Voices Of The World Are Lifted In Multimedia Chorus

Can't tell Soukous from Juju? Then World Beat, an interactive CD-ROM from Medio Multimedia Inc., could be just the thing for you. Whether you want to bone up on Afro-pop or just expand your musical horizons, this new CD for PCs with Windows is a fun way to explore the origins and history of music from a variety of cultures.

Just click on a country displayed on a spinning globe, and World Beat will summon up articles and video clips on the music from that area. Can't stop tapping your foot? Consult World Beat's built-in reference guide for a listing of recordings, complete with reviews and where to find them. If you aren't satisfied with just listening, you can play along with World Beat's Music Studio, which lets you turn up the volume of particular instruments or adjust the tempo, to produce a custom arrangement. You can even transfer musical segments to your hard drive and, with a sequencing program, use them as the basis of a new composition. For $59.95, the world's your musical oyster.

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