Mexico's Strides Should Be Credited

Regarding your article "Why the Third World should stress the three R's" (Economic Viewpoint, May 2), I would like to suggest that perhaps the Third World, and specifically Mexico, has done just that.

During the Salinas administration, Mexico has increased its social spending to record levels (over 50% of all government disbursements) and has managed to renegotiate its foreign debt and show a balanced budget.

The fact that the road to economic prosperity and social justice will be long and painful should not undermine the achievements and sacrifices of the Mexican people over the last decade. To generalize and suggest that our problems can be solved by any one given formula is naive at best. It will take years for our transformation to be complete. And for Mexico to succeed, our education and social welfare must be priorities.

Rodulfo Figueroa Pacheco

Mexico City

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