A New Column With The Lowdown On High Tech

Necessity can be the mother of expertise as well as invention. In this case, the expert is Steve Wildstrom, the BUSINESS WEEK editor who has taken up the task of keeping us posted on technology developments in our new Technology & You column. The column will provide insight on how technology affects our daily lives, whether in the office or the home (an increasingly blurred distinction in the day of laptops and cellular phones).

The focus, as reflected in the title of the column, will be on delving into and explaining technology as it affects you as a user. The subjects will run the gamut--from rating the latest line of laptops to sharing tips on corporate-information management, to analyzing government technology policy.

Steve is eminently qualified to write about technology with a personal, nontechnical approach. He came to the digital world with little more than a lively curiosity while majoring in sociology back in the late 1960s at the University of Michigan and analyzing polling data on an IBM 360. Steve became a true computer jock in 1984, when he was designated the office wizard in charge of keeping the computer systems running in the magazine's Washington bureau.

His home is becoming something of a mini-network, too. Steve, his wife, Susan, and his sons, Jonathan and David, use their Dell 486D33, a 386DX, and a new Power Mac 6100/60 for such things as preparing math tests or playing games.

This familiarity with computers has paid handsome dividends for the magazine. Steve was part of the team that produced "The Technology Payoff," our June 14, 1993, cover, which proved to be a prescient analysis of the productivity gains now accruing from years of investment in computers and related equipment. More recently, he wrote some and edited all of the extensive personal-technology guide in our bonus issue, The Information Revolution.

Steve, 46, joined BUSINESS WEEK in Detroit in 1972 after three years with the Associated Press. He has been in Washington since 1974, covering economic policy and, until starting the new column, serving as senior news editor.

While Steve brings his own expertise to the column, we want to encourage readers to make the new addition an interactive feature, consistent with the nature of how we share information these days, whether via e-mail or electronic bulletin boards. The "Bulletin Board" feature was designed with reader input in mind. With the world of information technology moving so fast, we are all learning as we go. I encourage you, the reader, to share your curiosity and experience. The column, on page 20, includes Steve's Internet and fax addresses. Write early and often--and enjoy.

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