Reform Social Security Or Scrap It

Your article "Dear Elizabeth: The dog ate your Social Security" (Top of the News, May 16) is a good example of adding confusion to what is a simple problem. The problem is that we have allowed Congress to use the funds intended for our retirement to be used for current expenditures. The solution is to limit the use of Social Security to just Social Security.

Any private individual with fiduciary responsibility to a pension or investment fund that has been managed as badly as the Social Security fund has been would already be in jail, and certainly not enjoying special privileges in Congress.

David Mazzuchelli

Danbury, Conn.

Please tell Elizabeth not to worry about the government-sponsored Ponzi scheme called Social Security. When I join the powerful old-folks lobby, the American Association of Retired Persons, in 25 years or so, I will demand that payouts be made only to those in need. And unlike today's 1 million households with $100,000 incomes and more that receive monthly Social Security checks, I will not allow my children to unjustly fund my lavish country-club retirement.

Mark A. Grimmett

San Gabriel, Calif.

The solution to the Social Security dilemma is to give everyone back what they've put in and scrap the system. Any objections?

Alice Moulton-Ely

Basking Ridge, N.J.

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