Let The Government Write Its Own Operating System

Your article "Gunning for Microsoft: The Fed's new weapon" (Information Processing, May 9) shows that the U.S. taxpayer's money is going to the wrong thing if the government is adding several "professionals" to its payroll to bring antitrust proceedings against Microsoft Corp. If the government wants an open operating system, then hire the same number of programmers and write one.

New computing platforms that do not rely on Microsoft are on their way. They are based on RISC (reduced instruction set computing) processors that are competitively priced, compared with an Intel Pentium machine running MS-DOS and Windows. IBM and Apple Power PC, DEC Alpha, and others are providing alternatives that even run your favorite Microsoft application.

By the time the smoke clears from Bingaman's activities, the industry may have another, more open, computer architecture, without her efforts.

Alex D'Anci

Helsinki, Finland