Investment Figures Of The Week

A desultory week in the financial markets. U.S. equities and bonds took a 
      beating, as interest rate worries roiled the markets. Even generally favorable 
      earnings reports failed to buoy the markets. The yield of 30-year Treasuries 
      climbed to 7.6%, as investors continued to predict an upturn in inflation. The 
      bond and stock markets alike were pummeled by a desultory auction of 10-year 
      Treasury notes on May 11. Traders were expecting discouraging consumer and 
      producer price index numbers.
      All data on this page are as of market close Wednesday, May 11, 1994, unless 
      otherwise indicated. Industry groups include S&P 500 companies only; 
      performance and share prices are as of market close May 10. Mutual fund returns 
      are as of May 6. Relative portfolios are valued as of May 10. A more detailed 
      explanation of this page is available on request.

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