Too Many People Is Not The Problem

In reference to "The baby boom that has to end" (Environment, Apr. 11), I am so tired of hearing how there are just too many people for our poor overburdened planet. While we Americans tear down what is left of the forests to build single-family homes on half-acre lots, we blame developing nations for the world's environmental problems. Instead of treating our neighbors as responsible adults capable of making intelligent decisions, we want to manage them like a herd of sheep.

Robert M. Morici

Atco, N.J.

If all 5.5 billion people alive in 1992 lived four to a house, it would require 1.375 billion homes to shelter them. If each of those homes were built on a standard 1/8-acre subdivision lot, the entire population of the earth could be housed on 171 million acres. The state of Texas alone contains 171 million acres. The rest of the earth would then be available for nongrowth crusaders.

William M. Staley

Staley Associates


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