Teens: Butt Heads Or Just Not Boomers?

Regarding your article "Teens" (Cover Story, Apr. 11), they are an example of what's wrong with America. They are the most incarcerated and most stupid (test scores) generation in our history. It's time we stopped allowing teens to be trendsetters and returned to more healthy values.

James B. Mathers


I realize that my generation has problems, but the problems that young people face today have changed. Teenage pregnancy continues to be a problem, but I also have to worry about AIDS, the future job market, and if I will even get a chance to prove myself before I'm condemned not for my color or background, but for being born into a group of people that the media and general public have deemed worthless.

Sara Danzinger

Alma, Wis.

Your article gave the impression that all teenagers do and like certain things. I would like your readers to find out about the other types of teenagers--the ones like myself who through hard work and dedication will become CEOs.

I am 16 and am in the process of building my own software corporation. I read book upon book about the structure and revitalization of corporations. I read several business magazines, such as BUSINESS WEEK. My hero is Bill Gates of Microsoft. I do not believe in foolishness or wasting time. Time is money.

Jamie S. Liljenquist

Cooperstown, N.D.

I was glad to see that there is a young, smart, strong generation of teenagers out there. I was beginning to wonder who was going to support us in our old age. It's good that these kids like to consume as it will make them work harder, thereby creating more Social Security revenue. So remember, fellow Boomers, be nice to these kids, teach them well, and instill in them a strong work ethic. We're really going to need them come 2010.

Richard J. Moss

Richard J. Moss & Associates

Santa Fe, N.M.

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