Coke's New Soda: Just O.K. Won't Do

`Things are going to be OK." So goes the slogan for Coca-Cola's light-brown, slightly fruity new soft drink, OK soda. But Coke is counting on OK--with a core target of 12- to 25-year-olds--to do much better than just all right. At an Apr. 20 briefing in New York, Sergio Zyman, Coke's chief marketing officer, said OK, which is to appear in selected markets in May, was designed to be a "significant" mainstream brand that will draw business from all soft-drink segments. Why a new brand? "There's latent demand for new brands that represent the values of today's youth," Zyman said. Marketing will be heavy on Generation X-style irony, from generic-like packaging to the ads (being created by Nike shop Wieden & Kennedy) to the name itself.

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