Are Sin Taxes A Blessing Or Big Brotherism?

Christopher Farrell's article "This sin tax is win-win" (Top of the News, Apr. 11) is right on target when pointing out that decreased smoking resulting from a $1 to $2 per pack cigarette tax increase will save lives, raise revenues, and improve the nation's health. In addition, passage of a tax on other tobacco products, Senator Daniel P. Moynihan's huge ammunition tax proposal, and a large tax on all alcoholic beverages could finance whatever health-care-reform bill is enacted as long as members of Congress are willing to forgo big campaign contributions from these groups.

Edward L. Koven

Highland Park, Ill.

Social engineering by taxation is why some Americans in the late 18th century dropped tea into Boston Harbor.

If you're willing to support this sort of stuff, let me drop this one on you. The game of golf is a waste of time, energy, land use, and causes skin cancer by overexposure to the sun. I am going to run for public office on the premise of wiping out or limiting golf to the general public by taxing the golf nuts, $50 per nine holes. Will you back my campaign for this the same way you are backing the "sin tax"?

George K. Strodtbeck

Vincennes, Ind.

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