Why Is Gm Keeping Saturn Earthbound?

Iam writing in response to the article "Suddenly, Saturn's orbit is getting wobbly" (Top of the News, Feb. 28). In this article, William E. Hoglund of General Motors was quoted as saying that "Saturn has got to fight for capital like any other business....It's causing them some trouble."

I am shocked and dismayed at GM's apparent attitude toward Saturn. GM seems to be finally producing a car that makes us look at our Toyotas and Hondas and say, "Next time, a Saturn." But GM then cripples this successful startup by demands for immediate operating profit and postponement of expansion.

These actions have already hurt Saturn and, judging by this article, jeopardized Saturn's future. As the owner of a 10-year-old Honda Civic, I have planned to replace my Honda this year or next with a Saturn. But now, I'm left wondering if I should stay with Honda. At least I know Honda cares about its product and will be there in five years.

Wilma J. Smith


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