Study The Stats And The Swimsuits On Your Pc

Sports nuts no longer need to stay glued to the tube all weekend to get their fix. Now, they can stare at a computer screen, too, thanks to a new CD-ROM that carries an entire year of Sports Illustrated issues (yes, guys, that includes the swimsuit issue). You also get all 1,200 pages of the 1994 Sports Illustrated Almanac, 40 minutes of digitized video highlights from last year's sporting events, and an esoteric sports-trivia game--the kind of stuff buffs love. Even the icons are in on the act: Click on "baseball", for example, and you hear the crack of the bat and see a baseball fly into the stands.

The product, billed as the first multisport CD-ROM, is just out from StarPress Multimedia Inc., a San Francisco startup that plans to publish a variety of multimedia titles through licensing and joint-venture efforts. The disk, which will be updated annually, is available for a suggested retail price of $59.95. So sports fans may soon be saying: "Let's go to the videodisk."