Investor, Go Home

Xenophobia remains no stranger to Americans. A new survey of North American and European attitudes finds that 53% of those polled in the U.S. think foreign investment is bad for the economy (table). Only 33% of Americans think foreign investment in America is good, according to the survey in which 10,018 people in nine countries were interviewed by the Times Mirror Center for the Public & the Press. By contrast, antiforeign-investor sentiment elsewhere was much more muted. "The word 'foreign' has a more foreign ring here," explains Andrew Kohut, the center's director.

What about homegrown business executives? In the U.S., locus of the downsizing mania, the percentage who view them as a bad influence on the economy is higher--37%, vs. 44% pro-exec--than elsewhere. But labor organizations don't fare any better: The same percentage, 37% of Americans responding to the poll, say their economic impact is negative, while 42% cheer on unions.