At Last, You Can Wash Your Own Brain

Aldous Huxley warned about the techniques of subliminal suggestion in Brave New World Revisited. Flashing brief messages on a movie or TV screen, he wrote, could induce unknowing viewers to crave popcorn, drink one beverage instead of another--or love the state.

Transformation Publishing of Plantation, Fla., has packaged the technique in a PC program that's suppose to "reprogram your mind" with a series of positive, self-help messages. Called Subliminal Persuasion for Window, the $20 program runs with Microsoft Corp. graphical software. No matter what other Windows program you're using, Subliminal Persuasion pops onto your screen messages such a "Cigarettes are disgusting," "I love my body," and "I am master of my life." You can adjust the messages' frequency and duration as well as add your own suggestions to the several dozen that come with the software.

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