What Sega Can Learn From Pepsi

According to your story "Sega" (Cover Story, Feb. 21), the $4 billion company is making a risky push into the exploding world of high-tech entertainment.

Sega seems to be losing focus. When the company focused on archrival Nintendo, Sega grabbed market share every year. Now it seems that Sega tries to be all things to all people.

Sega should have learned from PepsiCo's mistakes. Once, Pepsi was very successful by focusing on Coke. Then, out of heaven, the days of "A new generation" were over. Today, Pepsi tries to be all things to all people with the new "Gotta have it" campaign and the new Crystal. Once, Pepsi grabbed market share. Today, Pepsi is losing share.

Sega ought to learn from Pepsi's


Michael Brandtner

Rohrbach, Austria