Posting That Resume By Pc

Looking for a job is no fun, especially if you want to contact companies around the nation. That usually means having to buy newspapers from different cities and answering their help-wanted ads by mail.

Now, Watermark Systems in San Francisco has launched a nationwide Interactive Jobs Network (IJN) that may make the process less tedious. Using IBM-PC-compatible software that Watermark provides at no charge, job hunters first type up a profile of themselves, including their qualifications, job goals, and salary requirements. Then, for $20, they can post their profile in IJN's data base for a month. Employers looking to hire pay $10 to search the board as many as 15 times a month, choosing their own criteria. What's more, companies can also use the service to post available positions, much like a classified in a newspaper. Unlike some other computer-based job-recruiting services, though, IJN lets users keep selected data--exact salary requirements, for instance--hidden.

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