U.S. Embassies Go To Bat For Exporters

Your article "Greasing the skids for exports" (Government, Jan. 31), about the Clinton Administration's efforts to help U.S. exporters, was mostly on target. However, the [exporter's] comment that U.S. embassy officials are "scared to help" business is wrong.

Our embassies go to bat for U.S. companies daily to ensure clear ground rules for trade and investment, to support U.S. firms in international bids, and to help resolve investment and trade disputes. Embassy political, commercial, economic, and agricultural officers advise U.S. companies on the local environment and facilitate contacts.

Secretary of State Warren M. Christopher has taken an interest in promoting U.S. exports. He has instructed ambassadors to make business a top priority. He has established my office to ensure that State Dept. officers in Washington and overseas provide assistance to U.S. business. The State Dept. and our embassies are open for business.

Ambassador Paul M. Cleveland

Coordinator for Business Affairs

State Dept.


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