Delta Flies Into An Aids Storm

Delta Air Lines is battling an ex-employee's charges that a Delta office manager in San Francisco compiled a confidential list of 13 employees believed to be carrying HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Joseph Sullivan says the memo, which included his name, listed 10 staffers who told management of their condition and three suspected of carrying HIV. It was allegedly compiled after an HIV-positive worker from San Francisco got a nosebleed on a flight.

Former Delta ticket agent Sullivan is suing the airline in a San Mateo (Calif.) court over his 1991 dismissal, saying it was because of his AIDS infection. His lawyer, David Mattingly, says the 13-year veteran was ordered by his office manager to reveal his HIV status to co-workers. Mattingly contends the list violates laws prohibiting discrimination against people with AIDS. Delta says Sullivan got fired because of excessive absences, which he denies. The airline insists the list was no invasion of privacy, but a valid internal management communication.