At Deluxe, Not Only Checks But Balance, Too

As we have reiterated for more than 25 years, the long-heralded "checkless society" has yet to be seen ("Plastic talks," Finance, Feb. 14). The number of check transactions continues to increase, and checks remain a vital part of today's payment-system industry. We expect them to retain that vitality for years to come.

As for your suggestion to "pity Deluxe Corp.," permit me to point out that, in addition to being the nation's largest check printer, Deluxe is a major participant in the processing of electronic payment transactions that originate from plastic cards. In addition, Deluxe Card Services is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of debit and credit cards for financial institutions and of plastic cards for government-benefit programs. We believe we are well positioned to take advantage of the industry's future--whatever it might be.

Stuart Alexander


Corporate Communications

Deluxe Corp.

Shoreview, Minn.

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