This `Jukebox' Plays All The Hit Computer Files

Protecting valuable mainframe computer files against natural or manmade disasters is fairly easy. All files are in the same place, so it's no problem to make periodic backup tapes and store them somewhere safe. Today, though, companies depend on multitudes of desktop computers that all have hundreds of files in them. Even if backup copies are kept, finding and restoring the right version to the right computer can be difficult, at best.

That's why Chubb Services Corp., a subsidiary of insurer Chubb & Sons Inc., has begun an "electronic vault" service called Surefind. It's based on an optical-disk "jukebox" that Chubb maintains at its facilities. On a regular basis--once or twice a day, say--the jukebox calls into a client's network and copies all important files at high speed to one of its disks. Each disk can store 6.5 billion bytes of data, and the jukebox can manage as many as 100 disks. Should the client ever need a copy of a file, it can be copied directly from the jukebox to the right computer in a matter of minutes. Chubb's first Surefind installation is in Brooklyn, N.Y., where it has been serving Wall Street trading firms for the last few weeks.

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