The Learning Revolution

Erin and Jessica Ferguson, 4-year-old twins, crowd into a chair in front of the computer their parents bought last month. Erin is at the keyboard, and the game is Mickey's ABCs. On the screen, Mickey Mouse is sleeping. Erin presses V. "V is for violin," says the computer, and Mickey gets up and plays the violin. She presses O, and he slides down a pole to the kitchen and opens the oven. A blast of hot air from the flames inside send his ears back. "Too hot! He'd probably burn his food if he put it in," says Jessica. Later, Mickey sees a pig. To find out what the pig will do, Erin finds the letter P and presses it. The pig grunts and rolls in a mud puddle. The girls giggle. "This is as much fun as Barbies," says Erin.

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