A Schedule To Suit Everybody

One of the thorniest problems in business is creating job schedules for large organizations such as hospitals, bus companies, and customer-support centers. The difficulty stems from the constraints that come into play: workers' specialized skills, union work rules, vacation schedules, etc. Coping with these variables can be like playing with a Rubik's Cube.

Now, Adaptive Software Inc. of Newport Beach, Calif., has devised a solution: It says its $495 PeopleScheduler program for PCs running Microsoft Windows or MS-DOS helps managers create schedules more quickly and easily. The program maintains a cross-referenced data base of all relevant details: employees, their skills, job slots, and so forth. It displays those data and their interrelationships as graphical elements that can be manipulated with the computer's mouse. The program can create new schedules automatically and also warn of conflicts if managers make changes on their own.

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