One Parent's Education Wish List

In "School-finance reform: Don't give up on vouchers" (Economic Viewpoint, Dec. 27), Gary Becker perpetuates the misconception that our education system can be reformed through economic manipulation.

At the core of our frustration as a country is the sad reality that more money is not the solution to our educational dilemma. Education reform must reflect and follow tremendous societal change. Pouring more money into the pot or dividing it in a new and novel way ultimately will be futile unless we examine how our education system currently expends its resources, and how our other social programs support and enrich our youth. The voucher system is a one-dimensional solution to a multifaceted problem.

As a parent, my education wish list would include assuring that every child in this country go to school each day fed, clothed, rested, and ready to learn; that all students would be enriched and nurtured by challenging and dynamic curricula; that we, as parents, would demand explanations for the innumerable frivolous and questionable expenditures our school districts make that sap our resources and detract from the success of our overall system, and that we all demand relief from the multiplicity of bargaining units that have a financial stranglehold on our education system in the country.

Mary Engelmann Murphy

Cherry Hill, N.J.

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