From Just One Subscription, A $6,000 Payoff

In December, 1992, I decided to monitor some stocks on your menu of investment opportunities table accompanying the article "Here's to making '93 the year of picking wisely" (The Investment Outlook Scoreboard, Where to Invest in 1993, Dec. 27, 1992). Twelve stocks were listed: Amerada Hess, Goodrich (B.F.), Tele-Communications, Texas Industries, Varity, DWG (now Triarc), Sci Systems, Hudson Foods, Lyndell Petrochemical, Penn Traffic, Ford Motor, and Comdisco.

I picked those stocks because the article stated: "A rather straightforward strategy for stock-picking is to target those companies likely to rack up earnings gains." I purchased as close to $2,000 per company as possible, and ended up with a total outlay of $24,385.76 for the 12 issues, not counting brokerage fees. On Dec. 30, 1993, this investment was worth $30,228.88, giving me a profit of $5,843.12--a gain of 23.96%.

One of your slogans is "BUSINESS WEEK--Profit by it." I commend you for your diligence, a rare trait in these days.

Nicholas R. Romano

Middletown, N.Y.

Editor's note: The earnings projections for the companies in the annual feature are the mathematical mean compiled by I/B/E/S Inc. from analysts who follow the companies.