Be The First On Your Block To Cripple The Info Superhighway

If all of the computer-industry savants and politicians are right, someday our lives will be centered on a digital superhighway. As the backbone for all information and communications needs, it would be a tempting target for anyone out to cripple America. At least, that's the premise of Soft Kill, a new CD-ROM game by Xiphias, based in Los Angeles.

The $40 software is not so much a game as an interactive fictional book, says Peter Black, president of Xiphias. In the style of popular techno-thriller paperbacks, Soft Kill involves American and Russian spies racing to stop a group of radical Japanese militants who are out to destroy America by attacking its information infrastructure. The disk contains more than 70 digitized images and more than an hour of narration, which tell the story of what "nonlethal warfare" will be like in the not-so-distant future. Soft Kill owners can have the story told from different perspectives, including those of a narrator and the story's main characters.

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