White Men Have No Monopoly On Ambition And Talent

I just read the letter (Readers Report, Dec. 13) from Patrick Wiesner, who responded to Judith Dobrzynski's "The glass ceiling: A barrier to the boardroom, too," (Top of the News, Nov. 22).

The No.1 point that seems to have completely slipped by Wiesner is, the men that he claims built Corporate America by "risking their financial stability and reputations" were the same white Anglo-Saxon men who created and lived by the laws that denied access to those coveted resources that built America. This was not just for women, but for male minorities, as well. I am 34 years old, yet even as recently as my childhood, oppression by blatant white male dominance was still a prevalent part of history. Blacks were "separate, but equal," and women were expected to stay at home and have children, measuring their success by that of their husbands. Even today, there are still signs of these inequalities. How were these two barriers going to provide opportunities that foster the building of companies by anyone other than white men?

The "character, ambition, and talent" that build corporations are not the sole possession of white men, and Wiesner, as well as others like him, will just have to face that fact.

Belinda Roberts

Exeter, Calif.

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