So The Republicans Must Have Created Jobs After All

In "At big companies, the heads are still rolling" (Economic Trends, Dec. 20), Gene Koretz states: "Despite...a net shrinkage of 147,000 jobs this year, [Human Resource Executive] reports that the top 50 employers have nevertheless added a net 460,000 jobs in the past six years." That means companies added 607,000 jobs during the last five years of Republican Administrations.

How can this be? Weren't we in a recession to rival the Great Depression? Clinton persuaded the press to create a perception of economic gloom in 1992, when optimism was warranted. As President, he has tried to paint an optimistic picture, but he may find he has created a monster--a press that has learned that gloom and doom prompt more people to buy magazines and newspapers.

Stuart Creque

Moraga, Calif.