Now, Video Game Opponents Can Battle From Opposite Coasts

Sega Enterprises Ltd. and American Telephone & Telegraph Co. are teaming up to create a game system that will let video fanatics rack up not only incredible game scores but huge phone bills as well. With the help of PF.Magic, a San Francisco technology startup, AT&T is completing the design of Edge 16, a $150 cartridge that will plug into a Sega Genesis machine and connect to a standard phone jack. The device adds phone and multiplayer capability to the Genesis, allowing a player to call a friend across town or across the country who also has the device and compete on a specialized video game while talking to each other through clip-on microphones.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, Sega and AT&T executives demonstrated a prototype and announced that more than a dozen software companies are creating games for the system. At least five, including GameTek, ImagiNation Network, and US Gold, will have their games ready when the system debuts in the fall.

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