Multimedia Power Petite Enough For The Daily Commute

Multimedia computer enthusiasts who want to take their show on the road can soon pack a little lighter. In March, Media Vision, a Fremont (Calif.) company that makes multimedia upgrade kits for PCs, will start selling the Reno Personal CD-ROM player. The $399 rechargeable device is a Discman-size CD-ROM player that you can plug into a portable PC or simply carry back and forth between home and office desktop machines. It will also play standard audio CDs.

To hear digital sound from your portable, though, you'll also need the $299 Media Vision Pro Audio PCMCIA card, due out in the second quarter. That credit-card-size cartridge adds 16-bit stereo-sound capability to a laptop computer when it's plugged into the PCMCIA socket that's becoming standard on portable devices. It's also compatible with the Sound Blaster standard used in most multimedia games, so business travelers can use portable computers for their multimedia presentations and to play the latest interactive games on the plane as well.