France Telecom Is On The Ball

The article "The Continent's wake-up call" (Information Processing, Dec. 20) was unjust in bashing European PTTs. It is true that for many years Europe's telephone monopolies were noncompetitive and plagued by "lagging technologies, surly clerks, and high rates," as you stated. But this is no longer the case.

As an employee of France Telecom North America, I am pleased to see that market-driven changes are continually being implemented. We claim the most highly digitized network in the world in terms of backbone and switching equipment. The transatlantic demonstration of ATM [switches for multimedia data] presented by France Telecom on Oct. 27 at the Interop '93 trade show in Paris was the very first of its kind.

A recent public survey demonstrated a 91% satisfaction rate for France Telecom users in France. This would not be the case if we were not providing high quality, competitive services.

Martin Bischoff

Project Coordinator, Sales

France Telecom North America

New York

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