More Buzzings On The Black Business Network

In the article "Inside the black business network" (People, Nov. 29), Andrew Brimmer states that he does not see why black business should have any more responsibility than anyone else to improve life for blacks. I am both saddened and amazed by such an arrogant and selfish statement. The predicament of many historical African American communities today is shameful. Communities that once produced entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, and loving families now produce bitter, misdirected youths who are creating duplicates of themselves every day. Many black professionals began their abandonment of their historical communities 30-plus years ago and continue to do so today. Historically, our youth had people like Brimmer to look to for guidance and direction. The black communities that nurtured our finest business, political, and social leaders are crying out for direction, guidance, and love from their extended family. If we as African American professionals do not answer the call, the death and despair we see in our communities today will continue unending.

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