How Much Of Asia's Wealth Comes Out Of America's Hide?

Your article on "Asia's Wealth" (Special Report, Nov. 29) does a superb job of reflecting the vast growth of wealth in Asia but avoids discussing the U.S. contribution to that wealth.

I recently visited Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, and I was flabbergasted at the pace and intensity of office construction in every city I visited.

Is all this construction and visible wealth at our expense? American companies are in Malaysia manufacturing microchips utilizing labor at subsweatshop wages. This new wealth is substantially based on the sweat and toil of underage, underprotected workers. Hundreds of thousands of jobs formerly in stateside factories are now in Golden Asia.

We in America, having lost our chip business to Asia, as well as shoes, electronics, textiles, and a big chunk of our auto industry, should wonder whether our open borders allow all this Asian wealth to be created at our expense.

Elliott H. Press

Rochester, N.Y.

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