Gee, Boss, Thanks For The Doughnuts

What do you want for Christmas? Cold, hard cash? While money-grubbing may not be in keeping with the holiday spirit, extra dough is what employees want most from their bosses this time of year. An American Express study finds that 58% of 700 employed adults surveyed nationwide want cash or at least a gift certificate as a Yuletide reward. And 22% prefer extra vacation time for a job well done.

Some gifts were as welcome as a lump of coal. AmEx asked folks to name the worst gifts they ever got. Among the losers: time off without pay, a pack of cigarettes, a lunch box and thermos, doughnuts, pen-and-pencil sets, coffee mugs. And, ah yes, fruitcake. And while yearend cash is desired the most, it should be a decent sum. One poor devil reported he once received a munificent $2.50 bonus.

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