The White House

A reshuffling of the White House staff is falling into place as Clinton girds for the political battles of 1994. With the staffing of the Administration nearly complete, Clinton intimate Bruce R. Lindsey is giving up his role as personnel director to become a counsel without portfolio. One adviser says Lindsey, a former Little Rock attorney, will act as "the President's political eyes and ears." Philip Lader, deputy director for management at the Office of Management & Budget, is taking charge of the personnel office. But two big vacancies still remain open. Aides are still searching for replacements for Deputy Chief of Staff Roy M. Neel and chief lobbyist Howard G. Paster. Three veteran Democratic political operatives have emerged as top contenders for Paster's post: Martin D. Franks, now a CBS Inc. executive; Democratic lobbyist Michael S. Berman; and Wendy R. Sherman, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs.

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