`I Got A Paperless Resume Through The New York Times'

The New York Times has a nifty new way of connecting job seekers with companies that have jobs to fill. Candidates responding to help-wanted advertisements have traditionally sent their resum s by mail to a post-office box. Now, using a system developed by Information Kinetics Inc., a Chicago-based company, all they have to do is pick up the phone and their resum s will automatically be delivered to the employer in electronic form.

Here's how the service, called FasTrak, works: Jobseekers send their personal information--and $40 to enroll for six months--to Information Kinetics. They're then given a toll-free number to call when they want to respond to an ad. Upon calling, they enter a personal identification number. Within 48 hours, the employer receives in the mail a diskette with resum information from everyone who has responded to the ad. Using FasTrak's software, the employer can search the resum s quickly according to various criteria. A similar system is in the works for the Chicago Tribune.

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