Don't Clip Those Articles Scan `Em In

Are you one of those people who can't read a newspaper or magazine without cutting out stories, pictures, and other items you're sure will come in handy sometime? Can you actually find those clippings when you look for them a month or two later? And if so, don't you find it frustrating then having to retype your clippings into your computer?

In any case, you may want to trade in your scissors and shoe boxes for DocuWare Pressman, a software package from ALOS Micrographics Corp. in Montgomery, N.Y. Packaged with a handheld scanner from Logitech Inc. at an introductory price of $395, the software feeds digitized images of chosen articles directly into an IBM-compatible PC. Then, it indexes the images according to key words you choose and by other criteria, and it stores them on a hard disk drive. Later, you can search for clippings by key word or date, say, and view them as originally scanned. What's more, built-in character-recognition routines can transfer text directly to your word-processing program.