An On Line Publicist For Overlooked Companies

For big companies such as IBM, General Motors, and Citicorp, disseminating important financial information is no problem: Worldwide wire services run by Dow Jones & Co. and Reuters Ltd. are eager to carry news about them. But many smaller companies find it hard to get financial data in front of brokers and others who may be interested. So Corporate Financials Online Inc. (CFO) in New York has set up a computer bulletin board to help out.

Using a PC in their own offices, companies post on the bulletin board any information they deem relevant to the financial markets--earnings reports, news releases, and so forth. To help make news more attractive to wire services, CFO's software formats the data in an appropriate style. Then, automatically--and timed to comply with Securities & Exchange Commission regulations--CFO's system distributes the information to the wires, business newspapers, stock- and bond-rating agencies, the SEC's Edgar information system, and even private networks of stock-quotation terminals. Moreover, interested parties can, at any time, dial in and retrieve news about a particular company.

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