The Latest Play In Annual Reports

The tight security at Score Board Inc. isn't about a secret new product or even a dra-matic merger. The company, which makes trading cards, autographed baseballs, and other sports memorabilia, is afraid that copies of its new annual report will be stolen.

Score Board's report is stirring excitement among collectors because the back page contains six limited-edition cards of big-name basketball and football players, including NBA superstars Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning. Dealers who were shown the cards say the O'Neal and Mourning pasteboards could fetch up to $100 apiece on the open market. Says Christine Dolce, the Cherry Hill (N.J.) company's vice-president and secretary: "We decided to do something special for our shareholders."

Score Board sent the report to 5,000 shareholders, leaving 15,000 for collectors to gobble up. Dolce says after they're gone, the company will reprint the report, but without the cards. Wall Street brokers have been instructed to give clients a secret telephone number at Score Board to request a copy of the report. (Pssst. It's 800 899-1951)