Why School Choice Is No Choice At All

Let's get the facts straight. School choice is not finally coming to California ("California may choose school choice," Top of the News, Oct. 18). Many school districts in California, like the oft-maligned Los Angeles Unified School District, have had open-transfer programs in effect for years. Furthermore, the public school system in Los Angeles maintains a network of popular, academically enriched magnet programs with a proven track record of success--especially among inner-city students.

These are the students most exclusive private schools don't want to teach. Ironically, it is these successful public school programs that will be shut down if the voucher initiative passes. And the students these programs serve will have no school choice at all.

William Joseph Miller

Los Angeles

Your article promotes the myth that our poor public school performance is due to inadequate funding. Despite propaganda by the National Education Assn. to convince us otherwise, our schools are well-funded. Our public school funding per pupil is at or above that in other, more successful school systems in the world.

Tom Cook

Sebring, Fla.