New And Improved Twaddle

Price wars and erosion of brand loyalty aside, some well-known products out there are still doing a shuffle popular in the inflation-wracked 1970s: slipping in a price increase by reducing the size of the product, charging as much as before, and calling it "new and improved." Examples? Sugar-free Velamints reduced the size of its mints and kept the price the same. They're round now, not square, and come in 12-piece packages that weigh O.71 ounces instead of the old 0.85. A Velamints spokeswoman says consumers found the old-style mints too big. Same deal from Brut deodorant spray, which shrank from a five-ounce can to a four-ounce can, but bore the legend: "Now More Brut!" More fragrance, explains the company.

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