The New Apple Of His Eye

John Sculley's days at Apple Computer seem numbered. He stepped down--some say involuntarily--as CEO last June, but has stayed in the less powerful chairman's job. He's been spending his time on the road, promoting Newton MessagePads.

Lately, however, he has shopped for office space in Greenwich, Conn., a continent away from Apple's Cupertino (Calif.) headquarters. And although Sculley insists he has no plans to leave, he speaks wistfully to BUSINESS WEEK of starting his own venture: "The one thing I've never done is be John Sculley the founder and entrepreneur." There are rumors he wants an entertainment or multimedia company, perhaps funded by a giant like Time Warner, though Sculley says he's made no decisions.

Sculley discounts other rumors that he might head Eastman Kodak, saying he has "no interest in a big company." But whatever company is involved, indications are it won't be Apple for too much longer.

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