At&T To Ncr: R.I.P.

Say goodbye to the last vestige of NCR. When AT&T bought it two years ago, after a nasty fight, the telephone giant swore it would allow the computer maker to retain much of its independence--including its existing management, headquarters, and yes, brand name. And when AT&T folded its own troubled computer division into NCR, it allowed NCR executives to decide which of the parent company's products lived or died.

Yet many computer-industry analysts believe that NCR has not lived up to AT&T's expectations. So in March, AT&T installed its own hard-charging executive, Jerre Stead, to run NCR.

Here comes the final blow: Now, NCR executives expect AT&T to eliminate the venerable name of the Dayton-based company, which began life as National Cash Register. Although the new identity hasn't been chosen, it's sure to contain the AT&T name.

An AT&T spokesman confirms that this move is under consideration. But he says that a final decision won't be made on the demise of NCR for at least a month.

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