All You Need To Know About Nafta Is On A Cd Rom

Wondering what Ross Perot is so riled up about? Young Minds Inc., a Redlands (Calif.) software company, has published the 2,000-page North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on a CD-ROM for personal computers. It lets you search the proposed pact by typing in key words or strings of text, such as "environmental impact." Portions of the text can also be cut, copied, and placed in other documents, such as reports on how NAFTA will affect a company.

At first, Young Minds intended to sell the disk to lobbyists, big businesses, and other members of the power elite for about $300. But that was before all the recent interest in

NAFTA--and Perot's charges that the limited quantities of the printed document made available by the Government Printing Office were part of a conspiracy to hide the truth from the people. So, Young Minds President John Sands has decided to offer the disk at the more populist price of $99.

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